Golegã – Capital Of The Horse
The Feira Nacional Do Cavalo, is the National Horse Fair of Portugal. It’s a 10-day annual event, that is celebrated the week of Saint Martins Day, November 11th, in Golegã, Portugal. During the fair, the small village transforms into a well-visited equine hub in dedication to the country’s breed, the Lusitano horse, and it dates back to the 18th century. Golegã is often referred to “The Capital Of The Horse”, not only because many of the most famous and prestigious stud farm are located near by, but also because horsemen come from all over the country to present their valuable stallions. The town center holds a large riding ring, which is surrounded by a track where horsemen and women show off their gentle and athletic horses in traditional portuguese costumes. The best known and respected breeders display their stallions and stud farm in “cassetas”, which are wooden cottages located around the riding ring.
The narrow cobble stone streets are filled with riders, carriages, and spectators, and where ever you wander, you hear the sound of prancing hooves on cobble stone. Every night starts with equine extravaganza’s including flamenco dancers and other typical portuguese riding disciplines. After the official exhibitions end, the spectacle carries on into the streets and horse bars, where riders literally ride up to elevated bars, order drinks, and socialize with other equestrians.