Photo Session with Patriot in Colorado Springs

My session with Amy and Patriot was pretty exciting. When she contacted me, she told me that she wanted to do a photo shoot with her horse, Patriot, in an amazing location, but she wasn’t sure where. This photo shoot was going to be one of their last big adventures to commemorate their time Colorado. Amy is a senior at CSU and finishing her degree in Equine Science in December. Patriot is a 7-year old Thoroughbred, who has been retired from the racetrack, and now gets to enjoy his retirement with Amy doing eventing and other light english disciplines.

The first day we photographed at Woodland Park, and Patriot did great, considering it was chilly and windy in the woods, lots of noises and new things to see. But did they look gorgeous, Amy in her hunter green hunter outfit and Patriot all done up! A dream location and I wish we would have had more time to shoot, but the sun was setting and we still had to deal with a flat tire on the horse trailer and find our horse camp for the night. So off to the next gas station we went where, Amy and Cheyenne changed the tire like pros, and Patriot was showing me how well he can handle gas stations at night. What a great horse!

After a 50 min drive we arrived at Cactus Creek Ranch in Pueblo, where we had planned on spending the night with Patriot. The owners of the Ranch welcomed us, despite the fact how late it was. They showed us Patriot’s stable which was roomy, clean and warm. After he had all settled in, we moved into the bunk house, which was way more and better than just a bunk house. The rooms where super comfortable and clean. I would highly recommend Cactus Creek Ranch to anyone traveling through CO Springs with their horse.

The next morning we were determined to make it to Garden of the Gods before sunrise. We got up at 5AM, loaded up the four-legged superstar and left. The drive was short and I like to believe that we also missed a lot of the rush hour by leaving this early.
It was freezing cold. So cold, I wish I would have had gloves to take pictures. I think I lost feeling in my fingertips a couple of times. But it was worth it! See for yourself. Thanks Amy and especially Cheyenne for being such a great help and support!

See the entire session here.

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