Golegã lives on – Untacked Feature

After visiting the American Horse Publications Seminar in Orlando back in June, I had the opportunity write a Global Culture piece to go with my photo essay about the National Horse Fair in Golegã, Portugal. I had planned on pitching my book project to several publishers, only that I never even got to do this. Before I even had the chance to show my book to anyone, my roommate, who happened to write for one of the most awarded equine publications in the country, The Chronicles of the Horse, ensured me that her editor would publish these images in their Lifestyle magazine without a question. The only catch was that I had to provide a story to accompany my imagery. 2,500 words they wanted, and two interviews. Challenge excepted!!! And here it is.

Untacked is The Chronicles of the Horse’ Lifestyle magazine and I can highly recommend subscribing to both publication!
Special Thanks to Catie Staszak for making this happen! By the way, she is a kick-ass TV Host, Commentator and Writer. Check out her website.

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