Gentle Temperaments

Even today the Rocky Mountain Horse remains a rather uncommon find in the United States. Not for me though, because in California I had four of the gentle beauties all at once. Two of them you already met in my previous post about Monet and Cruz. Their temperament and appearance is so beautiful, that I wanted you to meet Rion and Thomas as well. The Rocky Mountain horses are not only known for their natural 4 beat gait, but also for their excellent and calm temperament, which made working with them so relaxed and fun, not just for me but also for the owners who could thoroughly enjoy the time with their equine partners.

Another special feature is the chocolate brown coat and flaxen mane, like 7-year old gelding Rion. He was a superstar during our session, so calm, yet beautiful and expressive.

Another one of my guests was the stunning back gelding Thomas and his owner Julia.

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