with Lusitano World

March 24th-29th, 2020

This Photo Workshop will explore equine photography from different angles, focusing on portraying the relationship between horse and human. Are you looking to improve your portrait skills or sharpen your eye to capture the perfect moment between horse and riders’ silent communication? Are you wondering how to catch that flawless piaffe shot and the magical relationship humans share with their horses? Look no further to revamp your photographic skills and create high impact images. This workshop offers real hands-on tools so you never feel uninspired. Join U.S. equine photographer, Bianca McCarty (English/German) and Lusitano World on this one of a kind workshop in Portugal. 

«I have created this workshop for those who wish to push the boundaries of their photography and take home real hands-on tools that will jumpstart your creativity.» explains Bianca. «We will be photographing horse and rider combinations under and out of saddle, as well as horses at liberty. Among other authentic locations, two of our highlights will be the equestrian facility of Portugal’s Olympic dressage rider, Daniel Pinto, and the riding school of Mestre Luis Valença, known as the greatest living practitioner of Classical dressage currently alive. Get ready to be inspired by the beautiful Lusitano and Portugal’s expert horsemen and women.»