Art for a Cause

I will be offering 16×24 signed Fine Art Prints for only $150 to help raise money for Stephanie Soule’s medical fund for the entirety of the fundraiser. (

For every print you purchase $100 will go towards her fund. The remaining $50 are not a profit to me, and are strictly covering the production and shipping cost.

It is super easy to contribute:

  1. Message or email ( me your name, address, and your choice of image.
  2. Pay your invoice received via email
  3. Watch the LOVE grow every time we add $100 to Stephanie’s YouCaring Fund
  4. Receive your artwork, knowing that you made a huge difference in someone’s life and that the Good will come back to you.

Stephanie and her family were visiting her childhood home on the Island of Bermuda to take a trip down memory lane. They were traveling on scooters when on March 22nd, Stephanie and her son were struck by a car. (I am getting goosebumps while writing this.) While her son Conner got away with minor injuries, Stephanie was rushed to the hospital with a destroyed knee and fractured joint bones, and the doctors suggested for her to get an immediate medivac off the island. By air ambulance she was taken to Grand Junction and was admitted directly to St Mary’s hospital where she had to undergo X-rays, CT scans, and MRI’s.

Stephanie and her family are facing astronomical medical expenses including but not limited to an emergency air ambulance flight. In addition, Stephanie will be in physical therapy for many months and unable to work.

The good news is, that the doctors are confident they can rebuild her knee, once the swelling is less severe so they can safely operate. After her operation she is looking at an absolute minimum of 6 months recovery to get back on her feet, but a full recovery is questionable at this time.


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